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Sapporo Film Commission (SFC) was established in May 2012 within the Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation, an extra-governmental organization of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation runs a wide variety of projects, including information dissemination and human resource development, in order to contribute to the expansion of industries in the Sapporo area. SFC works to promote the development of any industry that utilizes filmed content by promoting international co-productions and expanding film commission projects, in addition to running joint exhibitions at international content markets.

SFC Services

Film commission duties

Filming in Sapporo

◎ Provision of information related to locations in Sapporo such as introducing shooting places.
  Negotiating with public or private facilities for filming.
◎ Support location scouting. We will research locations matching your criteria,
  and wherever possible accompany you on location scouting.
◎ Accompany the filming at location as much as possible.
◎ Providing assistance in finding volunteer extras based on
  Sapporo Film Commission registration system.
Offering Film Production Subsidies who choose Sapporo as shooting location.

Filming in Hokkaido

jfc-hokkaido Screen Authority Sapporo Ishikari Film Office Otaru Film Commission Okhotsk Monbetsu Film Commission Asahikawa Film Commission Tomakomai Film Commission Noboribetsu Film Commission target= Hakodate Film Commission

Sapporo Film Commission

TEL: +81-11-817-5711

Hokkaido Government

(Location Service Desk)
TEL: +81-11-241-3230

Ishikari Film Office

TEL: +81-133-72-3167

Otaru Film Commission

TEL: +81-134-32-4111

Okhotsk Monbetsu Film Commission

TEL: +81-158-27-5181

Asahikawa Film Commission

TEL: +81-166-23-0090

Tokachi Film Commission

TEL: +81-155-22-8600

Tomakomai Film Commission

TEL: +81-144-32-6448

Noboribetsu Film Commission

TEL: +81-143-84-2018

Hakodate Film Commission

TEL: +81-138-21-3326

SFC is also the regional representative of Hokkaido of the Japan Film Commission. SFC acts as the main contact point to all municipalities in Hokkaido for anyone wishing to film in the prefecture. SFC supports the smooth progress of filming in all regions of Hokkaido.

Co-production Support

The multi-lingual staff at SFC provides detailed services for filming requests from overseas
to help promote Sapporo as an internationally renowned “city of films”.
Our “Sapporo Location Coordinators” are available to help your shoot go more smoothly with their wide range of knowledge, skill, and experience, while our “Designated Zone Guides” provide invaluable interpreting support in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for partners, such as production companies, or equipment rental services.
Subsidy for video production are also available, so please inquire for more details.
Designated Zone Guides

Audio visual industry promotion duties

Purchasing Footage of Sapporo

SFC operates booths at international content markets such as TIFFCOM (Tokyo), ATF (Singapore), and FILMART (Hong Kong), in order to raise people’s interests in Sapporo.You can find a wide range of TV shows, Films and animations related Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
And also you can meet future co-production partners. Please drop by any of our booths if you are looking for Japanese content suppliers and other partners.


【 Hong Kong International Film & Market 2017 】

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【 Asia TV Forum & Market 2016 】

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Please feel free to contact us at any time with inquiries.

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TEL : +81-11-817-5711

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Sapporo Film Commission (SFC)
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Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo
003-0005 Japan
  • TEL : +81-11-817-5711
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